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Last Update - Saturday, February 25, 2012 you're not in a cabled area and you have to rely on ADSL to get you on the net. Most ISP's will quote silly speeds that you are never going to reach right?..............WRONG !

Below are a few tips that can help you get the most from your BT line and achieve better speeds. After just £10.00 and an hours work my line went from 9.7Mbs to 16.6Mbs !!!!

Check the wiring in your BT master socket. It may look something like this. If you have any extensions coming off the master socket, ensure they are wired correctly as incorrect wiring can pull your speeds down. The best option is to have no extensions, but if you do need them, ensure they are wired correctly. Click here for the standard wiring diagram.If you are using ADSL and you have a filter at the point where the phone is connected, you can actually disconnect cables 3 & 4 from your BT master socket. These are normally used to allow the phone to ring, but ADSL filters are wired to do this so it is not a requirement at the master socket. I have mine disconnected and the phone rings fine !

Where possible, use the "test socket" of the BT master socket as a direct connection to you ADSL router/modem. If you have an old BT master socket, you should look at wiring in an NTE5 box. This is not recommended unless you are a BT engineer as BT owns the line up to, and including the master socket. BT can fine you and/or suspend your service if you do this and they find out !!!! so BE WARNED !!! It is however ok to wire an NTE5 socket after the main BT master socket. The NTE5 is a much better quality box allowing better control of the noise on the line, which in turn can increase sync speeds to your ADSL router. I achieved an extra 4Mb on my sync speed after wiring in one these babies. Check my sync speed now !

Use a good quality RJ11 to RJ11 cable. I use a CAT6 ADSL2 cable. Although it is 5m long, it gave me an extra 700Kb on my line sync. You can get one from E-Bay for about £5.00 delivered. Use good quality filters at every point where you are using a modem/router/phone/sky/fax etc. A poor filter can limit speed.

If all else fails, maybe you just need to get with a decent ISP. I can recommend O2. That's who I'm with and I'm getting FANTASTIC ADSL2 speeds and 100% reliability. £18 a month.......Can't be bad !!